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I have been putting off buying a shop apron to try to keep my clothes halfway clean but I couldnt find anything I liked with a price I liked.

I must have dreamed this but when I woke up this morning I dug out a worn out pair of overalls and went to work with a pair of scissors. I cut the back off just below where the suspenders attached and down the outside of the legs leaving the tool pockets attached. Then I cut across at the knees and back up to the crotch. I punched a hole in the back suspender Y and attatched a 72” bootlace. It threads thru the side buttonholes and ties in the back. If i could sew I would patch the holes in the thighs that were worn out by keys and pocketknife. 



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I used "Denim" Shop Aprons for many years, ... but was always setting them on fire.

Then my Wife got me a remnant of glove-soft "Upholstery Leather", ... from a Fabric Shop.

It's comfortable, ... and protects you like a Suit-of-Armor.




An "Old School" fix for cotton aprons and gloves used for welding and grinding, was to coat the front with any "old" paint, that would yield a a more spark resistant surface.



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That'll definitely get you by for awhile.  It's certainly better than nothing!

A leather apron is the bee's knees and something you should definitely plan on for the future.  I used a Tilman 48" apron for the last two years and it was worth the $40.  I'm now upgrading to a quality apron that'll set me back $300.  

Is the price difference worth it?  Indubitably.  The look and feel of a quality apron sings to your soul like sirens to the sailors -- you want to get into the shop and armor up.   Making things when you're wearing a sweet apron is a joy!

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Truth ^^^

Have you checked the Hengest and Horsa leather aprons? They are in Swaffham, UK and have an Etsy page.  

I have their original smith’s apron. It was north of $250 USD when I bought it, but seems to be discontinued at this time.

If you google HengestandHorsa or the description below, you will see that they do have this one for sale now:

Leather Smith's Apron - The Artisan - 'Grenewer' - Greenman $654.64 USD

it is just too beautiful to wear while forging though..

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On 2/15/2018 at 9:51 PM, Shady McGrady said:

Leather Smith's Apron - The Artisan - 'Grenewer' - Greenman $654.64 USD


Six bills for an apron?  That's definitely rich!  Of course, with the cost of leather being what it is, I can see them being pricey.  I'm factoring on something under four bills, and that's my absolute limit.  I don't mind paying for quality because I know it'll last.  More importantly, it'll look good and let customers know I'm serious about what I do.

You really can't go wrong with buying custom-made stuff.  If I'm asking folks to buy my ironwork, the least I can do is support other craftsman looking to make ends meet.  Maybe that means buying tongs or a t-shirt, but we can all help make a difference if we just give it a try.

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