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Trenton anvil


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I purchased this from another member on this site. Anyone have any additional information. I cannot seem to find any Trenton anvils with this badge. It is a 200+ # and in really great condition. Has a few small chips along the edges. To me that would add character so in my opinion I would not belt sand the them out? Any additional information you experts can tell me. I think someone on this site said it is from 1939 or 1940. 



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When a friend of mine got a bridge anvil for their Fine Arts Metals class that had been  half buried out behind the property building for decades; the university suddenly decided it was worth at least 10 times the going rate for one in that condition and spray painted a property inventory number on it.  Not a problem; but they also put one on the 5" postvise that was property of the instructor!

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 That is very interesting. I am in love with it. I am in the classic automotive resto business and do custom brackets and heat the metal with oxy acetylene and form the brackets into shape. I am in love with this anvil it's in good hands. I would never beat cold metal on it so it will stay in similar condition. It's my baby. Thank you for the response. I was thinking about belt sand out the small chips what do you think?

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Well Bearded was last here in July of 2019 and so may not read your post. 

By "wedge hammer" do you mean a hot cut or a fuller or a straight or crosspeen? 

By interested do you mean you want to forge one or buy one or how to use one?

If you are near me let me know and we can figure something out.

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