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Forging 5160 leaf spring.

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Wow I need help. I cut up 3 pieces of a leaf spring and tried to forge them together. I ground of all the surface rust mig welded all the joints together. Then ground all the weld added a rebar for handle. I have a 2 burner forge with fire brick and have no problem heating to a non magnetic temp. Started stretching the metal it all looked good at first . Doubled length and width let cool and cut apart to double over and it just fell apart. Any suggestions [HELP]

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12 minutes ago, Jspool said:

Look at some YT videos to get an idea of what color it needs to be to weld.

Really don't recommend this. YouTube videos rarely give accurate colors for glowing steel (especially at welding temperatures -- it overloads the camera sensors), and you'll probably end up either failing to set the weld or burning your steel.

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nonmagnetic is a bit less than 1000 degF too cold for most forge welding (1390F is a curie temp  for low carbon vs 2300 degF for welding temp.) Now the alloy does make a difference but you are still WAY TOO COLD to weld!

So: choice of a difficult alloy to weld to itself. + not knowing anything about the temps involved  seems to indicate you need to learn more about the process.

Also a "2 burner forge" could fit in a coffee can or have a train car fit into it. Doesn't tell us anything about size or what temps it can achieve---sort of like telling us you have 4 wheels on your car and ask if it can go over 200 MPH?

I hope to be forge welding some trivets this weekend; stop by; it's *MUCH* easier to learn in person than from a book or the boobtube.

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