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  1. Just a little over 20 tons I'm told by the hydraulic guys I talk too.
  2. I made myself this press if I can help reply and we talk.
  3. Just built a new 20 ton benchtop press. It has a 7.5 hp electric motor / 22 gallon p/m pump and a 4 in bore 8 in stroke cylinder. It weights around 400+ pounds dry and has a 32w x 32L x 45 T footprint.
  4. What are some good substitutes for ferric acid to etch demascus. Any home concoctions?
  5. Wow I need help. I cut up 3 pieces of a leaf spring and tried to forge them together. I ground of all the surface rust mig welded all the joints together. Then ground all the weld added a rebar for handle. I have a 2 burner forge with fire brick and have no problem heating to a non magnetic temp. Started stretching the metal it all looked good at first . Doubled length and width let cool and cut apart to double over and it just fell apart. Any suggestions [HELP]
  6. Ok guys there is a lot of discussion about fluxes I would like to use a simple Flux Of just borax and boric acid what ratios do you all wear commend