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Nico Walker

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I have been using a coal forge for the last while, but coal is not easy to find in my area(at an affordable price) so I'm attempting gas. I did some research and felt good about it and set out building the burner. I failed. Find my efforts attached. 

Here's my problem. Instead of the short "blowtorch" type flames i get metre plus dull red-orange flames. Any obvious things I'm doing wrong? Or am I not even close. 

Please help! 



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14 minutes ago, Nico Walker said:

So no obvious big issues?

The obvious ones are that your mixing tube is WAY too short and your gas jet orifice is too far in to draw in the air required for a good burn. Read up on the Burners 101 thread and the Frosty "T" burner thread before you keep going. Those two threads will answer any and all questions you could possibly dream up! (I suggest you take notes if you find something that is pertinent to your build because once you pass it it's a PITA to find the post again for reference!)

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What Thomas is telling you is, that for someone who knows quite a bit about burners, it is painfully obvious to him that you are completely clueless. He gave you two good options: Actually learn something about burner design; or work from a good known design. BTW, your flame nozzle is all wrong.

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Nico, what you're doing is kind of like this - I need a vehicle and did a very little bit of research, watched some videos on YouTube, took a bit of each that I liked and then put this together 'cuz it's what I had lying around. It doesn't work like I was dreaming it would, so can anyone tell me how to make it go?



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Welcome aboard Nico glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the Iforge gang live within visiting distance. 

Yes, there are obvious flaws in your . . . flamer thing. Pick ONE set of plans and follow them as precisely as you can.

I'm not even going to list the "fatal flaws" in it, I even have doubts about the hose you used. What you have now isn't recoverable, take it apart, put the pieces in a box. Read ONE set of directions, determine if your skills and tools are up to the job. Buy new parts and start over. OR buy a burner.

I'm not trying to get you to not try blacksmithing but some things like flammable gas burners are NOT things to just wing without knowing what your'e doing.

Frosty The Lucky.


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John it's easy; take the reins and slap the horse's haunch with them and say giddyup!  (aligning the front wheel with the axis of the system will help too)

Thank you so very much for that picture of the results of the Dunning-Kruger effect!

And my original statement:  If you know enough to design one you know enough to troubleshoot it. If you don't know enough to design one FOLLOW A KNOWN GOOD PLAN EXACTLY!

How did you ever get "So no big issues" from that?  I'm afraid to comment on the at least 4 major issues I can see due to liability issues. (and I'm not a gas burner guru; just been using homebuilt  propane forges over 20 years now)

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Hi Nico

 While I'm no expert it would appear that your flame is way

Too rich . 1st ,to start if you replaced that tee fitting with a cross fitting that would double the air flow, 2nd, move the gas jet back to where you can see it through tee/cross it will draw more air. 3rd, that orange euro gas hose should be replaced with metal/copper the hose is ok to test with tho.that should get you closer to start with.

Cheers Ken

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