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1/4" Brass Pipe Supplier


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This isn't a Gas Forge question but is related to Gas Forges in general.

Does anyone know of a Supplier for 1/4" Brass Pipe, i.e. Long Nipples ?

I am looking for three pieces, maybe five, of 1/4" Pipe, 9", 10", and 17", threaded, MNPT !

There are a few Sites that sell what I am looking for but since my last experience with buying fittings on the web (Walmart.com) I am leery of what I may end up with !

Anyone use a particular supplier ?

Thanks up front.

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I would say go to a local gas supplier, plumbing warehouse, or auto parts store.  All of those places should carry high quality brass fittings. If that fails contact MSC or McMaster Carr.  I get the bulk of mine from Lowes, Home Depot, or NAPA and haven't had a issue.

Question though, is there a reason you need brass? 

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Thks, I will be trying a local Irrigation Supply House today, most Plumbing Stores tend to not carry a lot of brass pipe/long nipples.

After tha my pipe trek will take me to my Propane Dealer...  I always tend to make thing more difficult !

Lowes and stores like that are ok but you need to watch what you are getting and my local Lowes doesn't like me opening up the packages to try the fitment !

Always something !

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I had some, got caught up in ordering some new stuff, but recovered.

Purchased any new fittings I needed, found a place to get a few long pieces of pipe.

I purchased two needle valves, they are brass, seemed ok ok to just use brass.

And last but not least, it looks good !


Auto Parts Store. Have miscellaneous 1/8" stuff more than the larger sizes, and most fittings used on car/trucks are steel.  Brakes need steel not brass, steel tubing not copper, S/S is good too.


The  overall thing that bothered me is the non-exsistance of longer pieces of brass pipe/nipples, I guess home owners just don't use this stuff the way I would.



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Believe it or not here in SoCal I found that the Brass Fittings and Brass Pipe is comparable with iron pipe, in fact there was a store where the brass product was less money, go figure !  Ace Hdw Store had brass fittings for the same or less than iron.

Someone else had mentioned the price before this, so I compared them and since I already had some of the brass it was less expensive to go with brass and then Ace got in on the deal and it was even less money.

Also, the first picture I saw of a hard piped propane supply system on this site was brass, it looked great, professionally put together.

If I had started from scratch, maybe I would have gone the iron pipe route but it is what it is... done !

And... something learned, the Thread Tape used in a propane hard piped system is not the same as standard Thread Tape, don't ask what the difference is except it is light yellow in color.

I have only read one post that mentioned a different Thread Tape, didn't know for sure if it was true, I mentioned it to the Ace Plumbing Clerk and he immediately said "yes there is" and pointed it out to me.   

Is it really necessary to use a special Thread Tape for propane fittings ?

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On 6/2/2017 at 11:50 PM, Scrambler82 said:

....Is it really necessary to use a special Thread Tape for propane fittings ?

If you would have looked/read down the list of threads, there is a recent one on the use of tape on propane fittings......


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 Thanks for all the assists !

I used the yellow thread tape, marked for propane use, wrapped easily and appears to hold position well !

My tightening methods are a little off but I will learn !

I will use the "TTT" method of tightening, tighten, test, and relighted if necessary !

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Funny thing, almost all of the brass nipples/pipes are made in China, even when you get some that is really nice, fits well, then you find out it is made there too !

I was talking to the Ace Hardware Plumbing Assistant, he told me all of the brass pipes in the store are from China.

I asked about the quality and his response was that he had no returns and there nipples/Pipe is really nice stuff !

I found a On-Line Plumbing Site selling China Nipples, I ordered a few to see, they are covering the shipping one way, if they are as good as the Ace Brand then this may be my new supplier for Brass Piping/Fittings !

Why do I need more brass piping, I make Wine Bottle Lights and use brass piping.

The one I am working on now will have eight of the SoCal Local Winery Bottles, Blue and Amber Bottle Colors, arranged off set and I am trying a Chandelier this time.


p.s. The Wine Bottle Light thing is one of the things I will be trying to do using hot steel, wrap the bottle with some vines and grape leaves; hoping for the best on this one.


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