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Trenton Anvil Age

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I just acquired this as my first anvil and would like to learn as much as I can about it. 

I have been reading the posts on Trenton and other anvils extensively and would really like to determine if this Trenton was imported or American made and to ballpark how old it is.  My understanding is that I may be just the second owner of this anvil and that it was primarily used for farrier work at Laurel Race Track in my home state of Maryland.   The anvil has what looks like a Trenton brand in a diamond on the side but does not have any discernable markings on the front foot.   There does appear to be a sideways H stamped on the side of the horn however.   The bottom is hourglass shaped and recessed with what I think is a cast mark or seam in the middle.  The surface has no defects and it rebounds very well.  I weighed it at 197 lbs.   I used a twisted wire wheel in a angle grinder to remove some light rust and then wiped it lightly with boiled linseed oil.  Next step will be to cut an appropriate size log to mount it on.   

Thanks to all who share their wealth of knowledge, information and experiences posted to this.   I have been interested in this craft since the 70's and finally I am getting started !   





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I don't have a definitive age.. I can tell you it's a true American Trenton vs the German made ones because of the feet..  I'd have to get the book out to find when they transitioned over but I'm sure someone will be around soon that can give you more information.. 


Nice anvil.. I like the shape of this style.. 

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Ok I just found this anvil I know its a trenton but I don't know the age any help would be good i think it 90 lbs 









It has nice ring and rebound is it usa made or ? .     The other anvil in the pic is a Volcan 8   80 lb has a broken face beyond the pitcher hole  im going to try and fix it and retemper it 

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Here is a closeup I will get it wire wheeled up tomorrow and post a picture clean i think it says A423?8  ? Might be a 9


I'm a aerospace engineer and a metallurgist I think I got it   and vulcan is the bottom of the barrel anvil. It was only 300 for it so its fixable  but it doesn't have the arm and hammer emblem on it just VOL8CAN on the foot edge









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Evening gents I did a cleanup and new paint job on her and highlighted the numbers. Unfortunately the Trenton <> diamond and name were ground off by the previous owners who just retired at 90 years of age and sold the 3 thousand acre dry crop farm (barley wheat etc). Any info on age would be appreciated. I know its 90 lbs by the W 90 on the foot but I dont know the age. 




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You can ask the forum for help too. We'll only make fun of you if it's a really silly problem. ;) 

I'm not trying to edge the admin and mods out but they're generally really busy trying to herd the cat stampede that is Iforge, so we try to ease the load when we can.

Frosty The Lucky.

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New guy here so sorry if I’m ignorant. 

I purchased a neglected Trenton anvil out of a yard. The pictures are posted below. My question is, how old is this guy? The weight is marked as 153. The serial number is 175672. 

I’ve been told it’s beyond repair, but I’m going to try to build the face back up and give it a good life  

Expert opinions are appreciated  










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Except for the messed up horn end of the face it looks to be in very good shape.  I would ignore the damage and use it as is.  You have a perfectly adequate face to work on and you will never miss those few inches.  Alternatively, you could clean out the damaged face plate and use the area like an extended step (the flat area between the horn and the working face).  But that is unnecessary work unless it bothers you aesthetically.  It looks like you have partially done this already.

If you don't mind telling us what did you pay for it?

Also, welcome aboard.  If you haven't already read "Read this first" in the blue banner at the top of the page.  Please post your location and we may be able to give you more relevant answers.  This is a world wide forum and we don't know if you are in the USA, Australia. Bosnia, or China.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."


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Thanks for the reply George. I have read the “forum rules”. I’m in Franklin Indiana. I kinda feel guilty telling you what I paid but it was $50. 

As a young man I worked for a ferrier. We shoed horses on the weekend. He always carried an anvil in the trunk of his car to cold shape shoes. The experience stuck in my head. I’m now in my 60’s and do some metal work in my shop. I decided having an old anvil like my ferrier mentor would be cool. I placed an ad in Facebook Marketplace  that said I was looking for old/forgotten/abused anvils. A local guy replied and said his dad had this 75 pound anvil parked in his side yard. When I saw it I knew two things, one it wasn’t 75 pounds, two it was going to be mine. We had already agreed on $50. I handed him the cash and bent down to pick up my new anvil. Well let’s just say I don’t spend much time working out these days. I got it in the air and headed to the car. Did I mention I drive a Cadillac?  I had already popped the trunk so a short 45’ walk...holy xxxx this is heavy, and it was in the trunk. It was then I realized I had gained a new burning sensation in my lower back. So rather than drive home, I decided I’d go straight to my chiropractor. Turns out they were open and squeezed me in...and called me stupid. 

Okay that’s the story. Good, bad, and ugly. 


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