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  1. Thanks for the replies! Finding this 153 pound Trenton anvil is definitely a high point. She will get loving care and attention (seems silly to say about an anvil). Yesterday my grandsons were visiting while I was “uncovering” it’s history. We talked about how it was made and it’s use as the years of rust and mold were removed. It’s had a long life, and now it’s a teaching tool. Who would have known a 102 year old piece of iron and steel could be so valuable. Her story lives on!
  2. Thanks for the reply George. I have read the “forum rules”. I’m in Franklin Indiana. I kinda feel guilty telling you what I paid but it was $50. As a young man I worked for a ferrier. We shoed horses on the weekend. He always carried an anvil in the trunk of his car to cold shape shoes. The experience stuck in my head. I’m now in my 60’s and do some metal work in my shop. I decided having an old anvil like my ferrier mentor would be cool. I placed an ad in Facebook Marketplace that said I was looking for old/forgotten/abused anvils. A local guy replied and said his dad had this 75 p
  3. New guy here so sorry if I’m ignorant. I purchased a neglected Trenton anvil out of a yard. The pictures are posted below. My question is, how old is this guy? The weight is marked as 153. The serial number is 175672. I’ve been told it’s beyond repair, but I’m going to try to build the face back up and give it a good life Expert opinions are appreciated John
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