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  1. Thanks rusty the information is much appreciated and yes she is banging out new steel every other day she has a new life thanks from the TRForge (rusty truck forge) Chris
  2. I wish someone would have dated my trenton when I posted it im in Washington state eastern washington in the middle of hay fields with My 13 acre 120 year old dairy farm now a hobby farm and blacksmith shop. It is a Trenton 90 weight
  3. Sorry about the excessive quotes and duplicate photos upload failed on a couple.
  4. Evening gents I did a cleanup and new paint job on her and highlighted the numbers. Unfortunately the Trenton <> diamond and name were ground off by the previous owners who just retired at 90 years of age and sold the 3 thousand acre dry crop farm (barley wheat etc). Any info on age would be appreciated. I know its 90 lbs by the W 90 on the foot but I dont know the age.
  5. Here is a closeup I will get it wire wheeled up tomorrow and post a picture clean i think it says A423?8 ? Might be a 9 I'm a aerospace engineer and a metallurgist I think I got it and vulcan is the bottom of the barrel anvil. It was only 300 for it so its fixable but it doesn't have the arm and hammer emblem on it just VOL8CAN on the foot edge
  6. Ok I just found this anvil I know its a trenton but I don't know the age any help would be good i think it 90 lbs It has nice ring and rebound is it usa made or ? . The other anvil in the pic is a Volcan 8 80 lb has a broken face beyond the pitcher hole im going to try and fix it and retemper it
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