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I Forge Iron

Hello to everyone Old and New!

Ted T

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I just want to say "Hello" and give you my best wishes!

I hit the wall of poor health a few years ago with Cancer, and Heart Failure at the same time. I have been unable to do much of anything, 

so I have stayed to myself, and become a Blacksmith wannabe!

I just heard about my dear friend Junior Strassil, and now the challenge is for blacksmiths to exceed his talent and knowledge! 

He would enjoy watching people developing their talent and skills to surpass his level. Hint! - It will not be easy!

But as you can see, my memories of the fine people I have met in here have never left my thoughts.

So I encourage anyone to help keep this site Alive, Fun, Educational, Interesting, and Family Friendly, for the next person who "like me" who found family here. 

My very best to all of You!

Now I am hoping to get a new valve placed in my heart if they will accept me. I am just waiting.  Maybe I will have the energy to be active again. 

I had to give all of my shop away (mostly to my fine son), and to other hard working people who showed interest.  

I can tell you, It is exciting to watch my son surpass any and all of the skills I thought I ever had. And that is also my hope for anyone else who really wants the skill bad enough.

I hammered for about 60 years (I was a County Blacksmith, plus had three different Blacksmith/welding shops over 60 years).

But I never reached the skill level that can now be obtained with all of the schools, I Forge Iron, Books, and demonstrations that are available.  

I hope every person who my read this, that YOU WILL Surpass My very basic skill level. 

Thank You Glenn and Steve!!

Time will tell - - Bless All of YOU!

Ted Throckmorton 


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Ted, you are blessed that you were able to pass your skills and tools to your son. 

I sometimes think in who if anyone will take up some of the things I love. 

So far had no takers. However with 4 daughters came 9 grandchildren and counting ... there is still hope :)

As temporary caretakers of skills and things, our main job is to improve ourselves and leave some positive impression on someone else ... and sure, also some of our stuff. 

I think from your story that you have succeeded on both accounts and that there is still a lot left in you, skills to learn and love pass on.

God bless Ted, do stick around. 




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Paster Ted,   I love you more than you will know, it pains me to hear your heart valve and Cancer have conspired to get in the way of your smithing.  When you are feeling up to it, we have been missing you in the chat rooms. Dale, RT and I are in need of a Father figure to keep us in line :)

Dont be shy and please post what you can,   you still have so much to share and teach to all of us.

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Welcome! Sorry to hear about your health troubles, but delighted that we have a newbie with such experience! Please, pull your chair up to the keyboard and share your wisdom!

(One request: please put your location in your profile settings, so that those of us nearby can make the pilgrimage to sit at the feet of Gamaliel!)

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