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Prayers for Holly

Kevin Olson

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My sister inlaw Holly just found out she is inflicted with the dreaded breast cancer. Shes 46. Don't know the stage of it yet. She's just starting the journey.  This just adds to there stress.  My brother Todd fell off of his logging truck and hit his head sustaining and brain injury. Hes pretty much ok but has balance problems and has memory challanges. He seems ok but he's definitely not the same as before. Let us that are healthy thank our good luck cuz life can change in the blink of an eye.    Thanks. Kevin. 

PS. I'm gonna fire up the forge (which I dont do enough of cuz of life things to do) and make something beautiful !  Rock on!

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Holly is in our prayers, as are you and the whole family. Modern medicine has made so much progress against cancer yer prognosis is far better than it was just a couple years ago,  just don't give up.

Tell Todd you know another TBI survivor and being the talky sort of guy I am I'll be more than happy to tell him some of the tips and tricks I have to use to overcome the issues. Memory is one of the worst for me though balance has me listening to a friend running my chain saw cutting brush instead of me doing it myself.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you all.    And Frosty, I'll pass on the invite to my bro. He's a volunteer fire fighter and I suppose with all the folks he knows he might have gotten alot of advice already on how to heal. You know how that goes. You get hurt and everyone has suggestions how to get better.  Thanks everyone. Kevin

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