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I Forge Iron

First completed knife.

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Carbon steel blades and hardwood handles soaked in warm meneral oil work well (the same stuff you treat cutting boards). As you only hand wash them. I have some with handles ratting to the 1940's, and others I rehandled in 1990 see dayley use and washing (fingernail brush to the handle and 3m pad to the blade. 

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I really like your blade shape and il tell you something for sure, it looks a heck of alot better than my first completed knife. I actually also use gorilla glue but only because i have it. I hate the long set up time on it and having to monitor it the entire time to make sure and clean up any that oozes out as it sets. 2 part epoxy seems to be pretty standard. Also the handle just looks a little boxy towards the end which i dont like styalistically. I usually try to taper the end near the blade down a bit for a smoother transition. Great work over all though. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

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