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  1. Yes the leg is square the thread is really tight and it actually is clean and greased very well.
  2. I have a vice and the only markings are commercial shearing and stamping inc. Does anyone know anything about this vice?
  3. Today my father went to a antique event downtown and he texted me asking if I wanted a vice he picked this up for me for 65 dollars he said it weighs just under 70 pounds and opens and closes good. Any info on this vice maker or anything. What's your best way to secure the vice and take care of it?
  4. This week I made a camp tripod and I have posted it on craigslist and many swap and shop pages on facebook for multiple prices and can't get anyone to buy it what would you sell this for? What's the best way to sell things.
  5. I have never actually finished a knife yet I made this from a lawn mower blade give me your criticism for the handle I used gorilla glue what does everyone else use?
  6. Is there any way to weld in the broken spot to make it smooth? I can buy it for 50 dollars Or is this something to walk away from?
  7. Who here knows about this anvil is it cast or forged?
  8. I have a idea in my mind that I want to switch to gas. I am looking for a gas forge that has a door on each end and a door that opens the long side of the forge. I have seen forges with doors on each end but not the door on the side or vice versa. So is there a forge with the three doors?
  9. I made 16 shepherd hooks for my wedding now the wedding is over and I want to sell these I have almost 100 dollars in materials they are made from 5/8 round stock. I can't seem to get anyone to buy them what are your guys opinion on what they are worth or how to sell them. Thanks
  10. My town has a fair every fall and they have local crafts and vendors. My question is what would be a good list of items to have to sell that are fairly easy to make and can turn a good profit. How much extra should I take and should I if I can fire up my forge and let people watch me work. What has worked for you and what has not. Thanks!
  11. Has anyone ever tried making grips out of damascus what would be the best way to do this and what metal would you use?
  12. I was mainly interisted because in the bible there are many references to a bow made of metal. So I was just curious as to what people thought and how it might work.
  13. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to make a long Bow out if metal I'm thinking of taking a leaf spring and filing it down into a bow. What are your thoughts?