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I Forge Iron

She was my best friend.


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Furmily, I like that. We have three of our own and sit for a few friends when they're need it. Right now we're sitting a dear friend's OLD chihuahua, "Molecule" and her new miniature Dachshund "Vinny". Vinny's a youngster just about 2 and needing some civilizing but he's coming along nicely. When Julie rescued him she didn't kn ow his name so was calling him "Bowser!" BOWSER!! :o Not long after she'd adopted him she had a week long ride with the local Harley Club and we took them both.

Deb and I renamed him Vinny seeing as he'll be a house guest a few times a year and IS going to fit in with our dogs so he's sort of a cousin. My cousin Vinny.

He's a sweet little boy, we're getting his weight down. They're too easy to let get fat and it's so hard on them. They're very athletic dogs but packing extra weight on that long spine often cripples if not kills them outright when their back breaks jumping off the couch. Our doxy, "Baxter" is lean and very athletic, a K 9 Nose Work Rock star in fact. Vinny is getting to where he wants to run and play. Cool dog, he's sleeping between my back and the chair back right now, one of his favorite non-lap spots.

Frosty The Lucky.

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On 6/26/2016 at 2:38 PM, 1forgeur said:

Know what ya mean. My new buddy will be 2 tomorrow. Still miss the last one a lot! Think she's spoiled?


I don't think she's spoiled at all. I would love to sit and watch her bring all her toys down from the hearth and place them out in the middle of the room, each one in a very special place I'm sure.

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Pitbull therapy can be so appropriate in many of it's forms.

When Deb and I first moved out here in the woods she raised African Pygmy goats and it was common to see bear sign between the house and the road say within about 150' and feral dogs were a real problem. We got a Great Pyrenees Mountain dog we named Buran. Wonderful dogs Pyrs, gentle giants utter marshmallows with children and death incarnate to anything that threatens one of their charges.

Pygmy goats are knee high and generally people friendly often positive lovebugs. People would come out to meet the herd and see how their kids and goats interacted. You should see human and goat kids playing, lots of fun. Anyway a number of times folks would let their toddler wander in the pasture with us and suddenly realize the kid was out of sight.

You could tell from the frantic expressions and rapid head spinning, "Where's BILLY!?" or Susie or whatever. The look on their face when Deb or I'd reply, "Don't worry, Buran has him/er." Oh how reassuring Mom and Dad can't find their 2 yr. old and we're telling them the 150lb. dog HAS their little darling. Two out of three times we'd find Buran and the child sleeping together in the barn. Baby wrapped in the BIG dog with Buran gazing on the baby with the sappiest look of adoration on his face you've ever seen. Other times he'd just be following the child around within easy reach or rolling on the ground wrestling with them.

This is Buran and some of his kids. Frosty The Lucky.


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