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Hmm i had no ideea about St. Eloi until a few minutes agowhen i watched a video posted on the forum .Did u know that St.Eloi is the Patron Saint of Blacksmiths ? I wonder when is he celebrated i've been searching arround google but only found little information about him most of it in french ...here is how he looks like just in case that you ...same as me had no ideea

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St Dunstan was also a patron saint of Smiths

"St Dunstan as the story goes
once grabbed the devil by the nose
with red hot tongs which made him roar
that could be heard 5 miles or more"

I have a book of irish tales that have several involving blacksmiths; I'll see if I can dig out the title.

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most of it in french

which isnt surprising given thats the French variant of his name and his veneration is largely in French speaking countriesregions (Flanders, Ghent ect)

a little something from the archive
the Babel Fish machine translation is surprisingly good (youd have to paste the url)
Saint Eligius

the Video also showed a Tapestry with Vulcan , there is a whole pantheon of Smithing Gods

Creidhne, Gobannus, Gofannon, Goibniu, Hephaestus, Seppo Ilmarinen, Kotar, Kothar-wa-Khasis, Luchtaine, Ninegal, Ogoun, Qaynan, Seker, Sethlans, Svarog, Ucuetis, Wayland Smith
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Saint Eloy is indeed the patron saint of blacksmiths and all athor metal workers alike, it also the patron saint of the militair.
Around here we celebrate st-eloi, the blacksmithing guild of flanders holds festivity's with demonstrations, food and ofcourse our superior belgian beer. Smith's used to go out and not come home untill they needed help walking straight. My grandfather used to only go out and really party on st-eloy.
But normally one should also attend a mass for the saint in the morning.
you can find more about the hapening this year at :Index
sorry guy's its in dutch but under: 2007 > st Eloy > "vastgelecht op de gevoelige plaat" you can find allot of pictures.
Witch brings me to something to reply on something Ice Czar said;
yes St-Eloy is celebrated in french speaking regions, but not only, also in some dutch, german, french speaking. Flanders is NOT a french speaking region but we do celebrate st-eloy!!! Ghent is a dutch speaking CITY in Flanders, Flanders Is the dutch speaking part of Belgium, Belgium is a kingdom with a french, a Dutch, and a small German speaking parts, Brusselts is the country's capital witch has a population that speaks a mixture of french and Dutch, Brussels is ofthen called the capital of Europe.
And it is an udisputed fact that belgium has the most diffrend kinds of- en the best beers, In the WORLD! :-)
just wanted to set thing straight :-)

PS :Yes we also have the best chocolates an waffels!
and if you like blondes probably the most beautifull women to ;-P

PPS; my English is not as bad as it looks, I'm a dislectic, hope you understand.

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