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Heat Treating a knife in charcoal problem

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Hello I am new to this site and to knife making, I always wanted to make a knife by my self but i dont really have a way to forge metal so for my first knife I thought I will use an old circular saw blade and thats what I did and now comes the part of heat treating and tempering. I know I can temper it in the oven until straw color but i have some problems with heat treating, i made my self a little charcoal furnace out of an empty helium tank and a air mattress pump(I will include a pic), it gets hot enough to heat the blade really well but after quenching it in oil the blade its in really bad state, it was nice and smooth when i put it in and now it has like little valleys, looks sort of like a map thats the only way i can explain it. is it happening because of the charcoal touching it or is it because the metal is not really the best quality??? any advice will be much appreciated, thank you 

charcoal furnace.png

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Welcome aboard Piotr glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header there may be Iforge members within visiting distance.

You're giving the fire WAY too much air it's causing severe oxidization of your blade.

Choke the blower down till it's just a whisper. Break up the charcoal into small pieces, peanut size is good. Fill your burner much deeper.

That's an awkward shape forge but it can be made to work. Search this site for "side blast forges" for plans and discussions of a type of charcoal forge that is much MUCH more efficient and controllable than the one you made.

Frosty The Lucky.

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if you want to visit me you can use my forge and tools, me and my minion can give you some help.

we are no experts at bladesmithing but minion has made a couple of froes and knives for leather and basket work.

I am south west of you but not to far away if you want to visit I will pm you the location

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