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1849 Sawmakers Anvil Conner

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Welcome from the western side of the state. someone here may know something or other about it. Good luck, whatever the case may be on it. Me, I love antiques and history, I love keeping it alive as well thats why i Love usable antiques. Personally i'd use it and not abuse it. :) get a little rust off the top. 

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Interesting......Our March Blacksmith meeting is at "Conner Prairie". They have a great shop up there. If I remember, I'll take a couple of pics to add to this thread for reference. Thanks for the history lesson...                     Dave

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On 1/26/2016 at 2:16 AM, Sawmakers 1986 said:

Had someone interested in it from the Fisher anvil muesum in NJ it could be used but if it's as rare as I think it is it probably belongs in a museum I'm from Ashland PA problem is no one will give me any info on it 

Part of the problem is we do not know anything more about it than what you are reading here.  There is not much information about these.

23 hours ago, Jim Coke said:


Belongs in the museum with Josh.. To many other anvils out there for general black smithing . 

Forge on and make beautiful things


I would love to add this to the museum, but not $800 worth of add.  

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