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O1 Christmas gift


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I managed to get this in the mail just in time for it to arrive at its destination on Christmas Eve day.  It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for a 12 year old from his grandfather, but once it arrived grandpa decided to keep it and pass it down to him eventually.

This is my 5th completed knife, but there were a few KSO predecessors and I have half a dozen or so blades that need to be finished out.  I get more satisfaction out of designing and forging the blades than I do out of adding the furniture and finishing touches.  I think my wife may have some WIP pics if she didn't lose them when she switched phones.  If so I'll try to add those later.


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The handle is California buckeye burl that has been dyed and stabilized. After shaping I hand sanded it to 1000 grit.  My wife tends to pick out the handle materials once we get the details.  In this case the requested colors were green and gold.

I haven't started making sheaths yet.  When I do I'll probably start with Kydex, but it doesn't seem like a good home for that blade imo.

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2 hours ago, BIGGUNDOCTOR said:

Well, it isn't that easy to make one that looks great. I taught 11-17 year old Boy Scouts how to do leatherworking, but their first projects were far from beautiful :)  Check out the IFI of leather www.leatherworker.net they have info on Kydex as well as leather.

True, but I found it much easier to learn than Blacksmithing.  Just burnish the edges well, it will correct a lot.

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I did a very small amount of leather work as a kid, but I think my sister was keeping Tandy in business for a while.  I may see if she's interested in getting back into hand-tooled leather.  Thanks for the ideas though.  Right now it's more of a matter of time than anything else.  Whenever I start to work on something it seems that someone I know can sense it and interrupt me about the time the forge is up to temp or I just about have my grinds right.  I'm sure that doesn't happen to anyone else.  :)


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