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I would suggest that you can use it as is, or alter it to suit what you want to use it for. Just don't expect to use it as a cold chisel once you have used it on hot materials as the temper will have gone from the cutting edge.

If you alter the shape, then it is customary to leave the material in the as forged state to use on hot metal. No need for hardening and tempering.

Use and enjoy !

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You can use it as is for a hot cut but if you make the bevels more acute it'll work more easily with less "pinch off" effect. If you have a belt grinder finish the bevel above the platten on the slack belt. This will give it a convex edge which is much more robust and for reasons I'd need to draw pictures to explain cuts much easier.

Short answer is Oh yes old cold chisels and punches are on my buy it list for yard, garage, etc. sales. Not much else is anymore.

Frosty The Lucky.

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