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clay firepot?


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I am currently in the process of creating a forge. I have done some research and I have seen mixed reviews on brake drum forges, I don't have the tools to make a proper firepot, nor the funds to buy one. I have thought of making an all clay firepot or a thin metal bowl coated in a thick layer of clay to use as a firepot. Has anyone ever heard of it being done or have any tips of how to do it or clay mixtures. I got the idea from clay crucibles I have seen before. Would any of you recommend doing this or would I be better off with a brake drum forge. Any help or references to other websites would be a great help. Thanks!

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header Thomas will stop chiding you about knowing where you are. A lot of information depends to a degree on region. You might be able to find good blacksmithing equipment for reasonable where if you live down the highway from me you'd be tickled pink to find a decent anvil for $4-5 a lb.

Check the solid fuel forge section here we've discussed forge building for a dozen years now and about any question you can think of has probably been answered many times. You can make a perfectly serviceable forge by piling damp dirt on a table and scooping a trench in it. Lay a piece of black iron pipe for the tuyere iron and you're off. (That'd be a side blast by the way)

Just don't get in a hurry this stuff isn't rocket science. Well. . . If you DO get something to behave like a rocket you're doing it wrong. :rolleyes:

Frosty The Lucky.

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20 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

1: You don't need tools to make a firepot.   2: Have you read up on the Tim Lively washtub forge?  Stop by tomorrow afternoon and I'll show you several ways to make a firepot.


20 hours ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

I prefer a side blast forge, one can certainly form a "duck nest" with clay for a bottom blast, it certainly helps reduce a brake drum to an efferent size and shape. For the expense and agrivation, build a side blast. Salvage wood, a piece of pipe, dirt and a hair drier.

Thanks for the advice from both of you I'll have to look into both methods to see which to choose, they both seem like very good ideas, glad to know that there are some experienced people on here to help those who are just starting!

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