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  1. Thanks for the advice from both of you I'll have to look into both methods to see which to choose, they both seem like very good ideas, glad to know that there are some experienced people on here to help those who are just starting!
  2. I am currently in the process of creating a forge. I have done some research and I have seen mixed reviews on brake drum forges, I don't have the tools to make a proper firepot, nor the funds to buy one. I have thought of making an all clay firepot or a thin metal bowl coated in a thick layer of clay to use as a firepot. Has anyone ever heard of it being done or have any tips of how to do it or clay mixtures. I got the idea from clay crucibles I have seen before. Would any of you recommend doing this or would I be better off with a brake drum forge. Any help or references to other websites wou
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