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Frank Turley

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I dearly hate the light polution here. Cant even see the milkyway

Second shelf, third row on the left, sweet department, big box store.:D

Nice moonscape Frank. Must have been a breeze setting up a veggie patch in that soft loamy soil! ;)

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Not in this part of Texas!  (but a coworker in Austin had 11 inches at his place)

While I LOVE a straight line rules are rules and I won't make a joke about a Texan's estimate of 11 inches.  :rolleyes:

Okay, so I couldn't help myself and hope the spanking isn't too severe. Worth it though. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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That's OK, Frosty - we do have 11" scorpions...:P

Another storm rolled through this morning - 4.5 inches in two hours and still raining - that amount did cause major flooding, especially on top of what we got last week.  Also had a few tornadoes rumbling around hither and yon...

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We had a storm this morning around 5:50 am; as the rain was beating on the windows  I lay snuggled in the bed thinking how great flex time was...


Frosty; don't worry about SoCal; they have earthquakes too so not that much different from Alaska if you discount the temperature and population differences...(As I recall there are some highways in SoCal that have larger populations than Alaska has...)

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