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Old hair dryer, old bath fan, fan from one of the power vent water heaters, shop vac, leaf blower. list goes on and on...

Soft coal doesn't need a ton of air, so just about anything that blows will work. Anthracite likes more air and a constant flow, you you want to tend towards a slightly bigger fan, but you don't have to go crazy.

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Ok cool, I think I'll look for the bathroom fan then!

damn  i threw a power vent away recently, dumb.

if you have Harbor freight stores near you or order on line.



works very well and the description isn't accurate. the one I bought was variable speed with a rheostat and nice an quiet. a floor register duct reduced the rectangular exhaust opening down nicely. I think rated for 300 CFM at max

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If your willing to part with around $65. The one I use works perfect for my coal brake rotor forge it's the dayton blower 1tdn6. I looked up my part# and it changed to this one ^.  As you seemed to be looking for a quiet one before it is super quiet and I run it off a variable speed switch I picked up at harbor freight. With the switch I rarely over 3/4 so its powerful enough. I have no need to run it on full.

  Plus side is mine fits right in the screw flange on my 2" pipe so I don't even have to attach it with anything, it just fits right in there.  Simple. :) 

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