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  1. Thank you for your service. Where are you located?
  2. Very nice work. I like it a lot. When ever I put in posts, either metal or wood, I try to get the concrete to drain and not form a pocket pool. I usually put post in the hole, place a few inches of stone around the bottom and then add the concrete around the sides. This way any moisture that makes its way down the side of the post can get out an not sit against the post. I am sure the coating provides some protection for the post but I try have some barrier to concrete contact. Bare wood or metal seems to fail quicker when in contact with concrete.
  3. I really like the sonic blades in stained water or when on the water dusk to sun up. The second pic has a Colorado blade. They make a bunch of different styles but the main four are the sonic, Colorado, Indiana and Willow leaf in order of decreasing vibration. I like coppers or dark colors in stained water. brass or silver as the water clears and sun is brighter. I am also a big fan of hammered finish (seems only right on a black smith forum) becasue I think it flashes more like natural scales would.
  4. It is an in line spinner. The blade configuration is of the sonic variety. I know Panther Martin makes that blade and Mepps is a great in line company. I like that youare using a ball bearing swivel on that one in the picture. They can be line twisting sun of a guns on a spinning rig.
  5. What size is the metal that you are workign with? If someone answers machete and you only have 1"x2" x1/4" it won't be much help.
  6. 100%. we never had to correct when measuring long steel items like pipeline or large structural when everything was the same temp.
  7. For steel steel most used in surveyors tapes. correction = desired lengthx.0000065(actual temp - 67F)
  8. I would have to do a little cleaning. I can't make out any writing currently because of the crud and rust. Might have time to clean them up a bit over the long weekend.
  9. I came across 3 old rifle barrels and partial actions. they are not functioning and are fairly rusted but very usable for metal work. I have a couple ideas to use them in basically a metal sculpture application but was wondering is anyone has used them for anything more practical? One is a 22 caliber and 2 are 30 caliber.
  10. I know this probably won't help the OP since he is across the pond but it may for some in the States. Don't know if I can post this link here (Mod's please remove if I am not supposed to) but i have used this site before and the prices of the leathers on here are reallllly realllly reasonable.
  11. From reading the posts it sounds to me like you are not happy or finding satisfaction with the "design" side of the engineering field. I don't deal with Electrical engineers much, most of my dealings are with mechanical engineers. I see any engineering discipline as broken into tow sections. colleges almost always focus on one and that is the design side. The other, and less promoted is the application side. This is usually focused on with the contractors building/installing or the client that is using whatever widget we are talking about. I don't mean this to sound like a dig but based on your responses is seems you have a narrow, "college" view of the opportunities that are out there for engineers. You have pushed your way into a great field, hate to see you bail on it without really looking at all options. I wish you luck in whatever direction you choose.
  12. I am talking about POST graduation employment. Any employment prior to graduation is always a plus and especially if GPA stays up and they show initiative and discipline where they worked they way through school.
  13. On the comment about changing jobs every few years. I am not certain what other companies look at but I know for a fact that engineering graduates were being told in college that "you are worth more to a company that doesn't have you". That may be true in a boom economy but what it also does is have 30 year old's that have 4-5 employers on their resume and have an income that is inflated above their experience level. You can't even learn all the ins and outs of a company's policies and structure in some of the time they were spending in a job. As soon as a down turn in the economy starts they are the first o be cut. Highest paid with least experience and a proven history to jump ship. I won't even consider a candidate for a position that has a resume that doesn't indicate a stable work history. Not worth it for us to invest and train for another company's benefit.