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Induction forge on 3 phase converter?

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Background information:

Running 3 phase into my shop would cost in excess of US$10k.  Moving the shop would cost more.  I have a 7.5 hp phase converter to run 3 phase motor needs below that size, and have the amperage to install a bigger pc if needed.  

Actual question:

At current production I'm a year or 2 from buying an induction heater.  Starting the research now, am also asking manufacturers this  question, but would love to know what the brain trust here opines.  Can I run a 3 phase induction heater on a well designed and installed phase converter?


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Assume you meant rated power?

I'm an architectural guy, I don't make many bottle openers or key fobs.  The single phase units look like they work well but for stock sizes smaller than what I typically work.  I'll run the numbers but would be surprised if running a phase converter under load is more expensive than propane.  Even without factoring in the net metering from my solar panels.  

My original question stands, could I run a larger induction heater off a phase converter or are we into perpetual motion machine territory here?

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There is some good info on this archived over on the NWBA forum.  Grant ran his  on a rotary, i believe it was a 30KW machine.  You would surely need a larger phase converter, like 20 hp or more to run the 25 KW.  Honestly I would say get the single phase unit because you are wasting time without it, two years is too long to wait.

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