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I built De-vise

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After drooling over everyones pics in the vise/stands thread, I decided to build one. Total investment was around 56$ (Screw and nut). The majority of metal here is old oilfield junk. Two stands weldered together, filled halfway with sand and topped with 1/4 plate for a table of sorts. The vise is scabbed together with 1" plate that I flame-cut, and the jaws came from a bit breaker. I still have to put the screw in, but ran out of O2 on the gas-axe.
Hope you like it, heres a pic.


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I ported a trailer ball and welded it to the acme screw. There is also a 'nut locker' on the backside jaw so that operation will be normal. I had thought of welding the nut to the rear jaw, but soon became uncomfortable with the idea. As the front jaw opens the screw travels in a subtle arc. Didn't want that stress on the nut if it was welded in place. I have a little trailer spring stock I will use to assist in opening the jaws. I also plan on making more rings to hold tongs on the upper stand. Then it will be my version of the ultimate vise/stand/tool holder majigger. Working height is at 49" exactly.

Why are my pics all sideways?






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I know we are closer to the north pole but have never seen magnetic deviation cause the SWP effect! To get that effect you have to post your pictures under the aurora borealis:)
What diameter acme rod did you use and where did you find a steel acme nut. For the larger sizes i only seem to find brass acme nuts.

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By the way, 1 1/8" is almost twice as expensive. Also, I called and asked if they had 5/8x11 left hand and the lady said no. Went in, and they had it in my hand in 45 seconds. Luck of the draw I guess.

She's standing tall now, just need to do the spring and I'm set.



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Thats funny Mr. Powers. I took this pic standing one leg, whilst holding my phone sideways. The spring came from my motorbike. When I switched them to progressive rates, I saved the old springs. Somehow knew they would come in handy. :)


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