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Interesting unnamed spring hammer...

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does anybody have any idea as to what make of hammer this is?

 No markings I can see.

 it has the interesting feature of having two slide plates, one mounted at the spring pivot and one on the ram , I guess to make the action between spring and ram linear?

 I would be interested in finding out what speed it should be run at as I have bought it as a fixer upper.....

any info would be good


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I have a feeling I have seen one of these before possibly in France?
but I cant place where?


That top spring looks very Gallic...Asterix? :)

Strange there are no markings, maybe they will come to light when you clean it up. It looks quite an elegant and mature design rather than a prototype given the number of patterns required.
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Thomas , I have that book. nothing like this in there as far as I can tell.

 If you look a little closer at my  pictures you will see that both the ram and the spring are mounted on separate slides. so this hammer has two moving plates traveling inside the slide , one for the spring and one for the ram.


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Thats the one Rob.

 Thanks very much for finding that out.

 so I guess thats Todmorden Yorkshire.

 where did you pull the information from?

 Ill try and get it going at 300bpm and will update when its here and done and running.


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Hi Basher . I bought one of those hammers about ten years ago. There seems to be afair few of them in Australia. Mine was an 80 lber . Be sure to check behind the bottom of the slide as it seems to be a week spot as I have seen three of them Brocken In this same spot. Mine also was Brocken and I decided to weld it as the previous owner made a bracket to hold it in place. It was. Large repair in the frame as it is quite thick . 40 hours of welding but worth it as was a nice machine to use . I went the whole rebuild in the end . They have a factory fit brake on them that works reLy well. Was offered a fair bit of money for it and sold it. There was a fella east of Aus that funnily enough was advertising one of these hammers as a massey spring hammer. It was like new , out of the box. I asked him why he thought it was made by massey and he massey iwas cast in the side of the frame. I fully buffed my hammer back to clean a clean grey casting and couldn't find any name on it.

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I have it home  and on it side and have freed up the clutch ( seized) and re greased the bearings . all seems good.


 Sub one tonne hammers are lovely to transport.....

 not sure of the ram weight but not too heavy.


 I will work my way around it over the next few weeks, the throwing assembly is solid, all joints seized up, bit of wd40 working its way in. should not be a problem...little heat and a punch.

 This hammer has a chunk broken out of the bottom of the slide at one side , interesting to see that its a design flaw, I still have a box of repcast rods and will bracket around as well, got a pretty good idea of a fix.

 I think the break is early in its life, not a lot of signs of a lot of work.....

Interesting as with the vertical spring ram arrangement you would think the sideways force would be negligible. the ram slides do seem to protrude down past the hammer slides quite a lot, could be due to that., I may lift the ram an inch or so  and put an extended bottom die in it. possibly not.

 If anybody has a picture of the rear  break assembly that would be great, I imagine that its a metal strap with break lining material in it or leather? the break strap/shoe is missing. I have the break from a lift and it may be easier to repurpose that rather than make up a shoe on the existing break pulley. we shall see.....

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Sorry , don't have the photos anymore. Went with hammer. Although I did find the sales add that we're in the plant and equipment when I bought mine.my hammer had a clutch assembly the same as the pic rob Wilson put up as to say all the working friction clutch was in the center of the cast frame. The brake was cast into the top of the machine to take an adjustable push stop. The other hammer I spoke of that was advertised as a massey was the same as yours with the wheel behind the cast frame on the end of the main shaft. It is a black and white pic and can't get a clear shot of it to put up but it defiantly has a belt that clamps onto that wheel as a brake.if you get stuck I can go old school and send you this add in the mail .

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I host the pictures on flickr and then link to them, with the tree icon above the writing window. but I believe you can pull them from your computer if they are small enough.use the tree icon above the writing window. Im not too computer savvy so hope that makes sense.

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