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What are the signs blacksmithing has taken over your life? Is it rushing home from work and skipping dinner so you can work at the forge, collecting rusty metal, the ton of coal in the back yard?

What are the signs we need to look for ?

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I guess blacksmithing never took over my life, I couldn't wait to get home from the shop, take a bath to get unblack and grimy and get down to the wood shop to play and relax, never had any desire to cruise RR tracks for junk iron, had enough at the shop why bring more home to fill up the junk iron barrel. Never really enjoyed demoing smithing on week ends cause I did it all week long as a job, But I did enjoy demoing hand tool Woodworking as no one else was doing it. And I got a bang outa watching the wannabe smiths demoing near me.

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No he is not! You *never* want to share a hobby with your wife; sure you get to use more of the household funds buying tools for it; but they they always want to *use* those same tools when you want to! You have the urge to work in the shop and you find out the propane tank's empty, you can't set up to work on a project cause the DW's project is hogging the layout table, etc.

Far better to have hobbies that don't share the same space of tools!

My wife of 23 years is a spinster and has no need or urges to bring her materials or equipment any where near the smithy! Sheer Joy!

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I've had rusty metal and tons of coal in the back yard for a long time. Guess that makes me a lifetime addict! What's even worse, I've noticed on days when I not smithing.....and happen to walk by the shop, that I'm drawn in to the smell of the doused coke from the last fire!
The aroma tells me "Time to hammer some iron"!

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Let me count the ways :)
You start a new guild in the state
you build a new shop just to have a better meeting place for this new guild.
Your wife is appointed to the board of directors of ABANA
You cant stop buying blacksmithing related items.
Your every thought seems to revolve around the next meeting " ie " who do get for the demo,what to serve for lunch,what to put in iron in the hat,the weather, how many do you think will show up,where will you park them etc.etc.etc.
your spare time is used designing t shirts and logo's
you are on this site and others looking for things to make or do.
the highlight of your year is QUADSTATE so you can aquire even more blacksmithing stuff
Your username is burned into the screen because you are here so often.

HOLY SMOKES im turning into a CYBERSMITH

thats the first step right admitting that you need help

Mike Tanner

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