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Moving to a new space!

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Finally I am moving to a new place! The building owner is a contractor and woodworker with a basement he'll be letting me set up shop. Living and working in the same apartment (my bedroom is directly over the basement area I'll be working in) will be a new experience... I'm hoping I can produce twice as much work now that I don't have to commute out of state just to forge. 

Here's where it was before the owner cleaned it out. Keep in mind I only make knives, so the space I need is just for the forge, heat treating, and handling tools.


I will update this page as I transform the space.

Still in the packing phase - I just wanted to share how I am transporting my older works. I still care about them, just not enough to wrap each individually haha


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It's funny, I typed the original post in a hurry, and was leaving when I realized I didn't mention the most important part haha.

I have four squirrel-cage fans; a 4" one for the forge and three 8" I'll be using for a forced-air ventilation system. There's a vent on the other side of the basement, so I'll use two fans to create a constant flow through the room, and have one above the forge and quench pit for extra nasty smells. Maybe I should put the last one on a hose so I can move it around?

I just realized if I drew this out I could get awesome comments/critique on placement of forge, fans, etc.... I'll get those measurements soon.

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Carbon monoxide detectors and a forced air (assisted air?) Hood above the forge with a good squirrel cage fan built in. You only have 1 life and 1 set of lungs. If you survive carbon monoxide poisoning. Your lungs and other organs could and or will be affected for life. Be safe and have fun!!

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All moved in, but not completely unpacked. 


I was surprised to find everything fit in the van... albeit took two trips. 


The shop is starting to shape up. The house creates a natural draft, pulling in air from the rear window whenever it's opened. My father (whom without this would all be impossible) came up with the brilliant idea to get a galvanized steel washbucket, cut a 4" hole in the bottom, hang it upside down over the forge, and connect the squirrel cage fan to it... essentially an effective, cheap hood. Now I just have to punch a hole in that left wall there and run the exhaust, hang the hood, and make a bracket for the blower. 


And this was pretty cool; a spider eating another spider in the corner.


Managed to finish off this guy after initially setting up shop. Technically the first work from the new bladesmithing shop is a fork. A thank you gift for a very kind uncle, who also was a key part of my bladesmithing career... but is probably tired of so many knives.


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Was a bit worried about CO until I saw the CO meter's readings - even without the hood fan on, I wasn't going past 21ppm. There's natural circulation pulling fresh air through that window, created a nice breeze. I've worked the kink out of the exhaust since the picture was taken. Didn't run the forge long nor hot, but I'm not willing to do that til I've gotten the hood exhaust fan working. post-25471-0-80440100-1392249394_thumb.j

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Greetings Theo,


That hood you designed with the 4in vent won't do squat...  Sorry but I like to keep my friends...   Design a full hood over the window in the background.  Supply a large volume of incoming air to boot...  CO is nasty and will accumulate at floor level..   It builds up in your body and decreases your asphyxiation rate daily.   Keep safe...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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