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Bill Knox Memorial Bench 2012

Chuck Fraser

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Here is a memorial bench I did for Bill Knox in 2012. He loved fishing in Wallowa  lake for Kokanee. 

When we put the bench in place his widow Diane brought some of his ashes in one of the tubes that his favorite cigars came in and had me put some of the ashes in each of the 4 anchor bolt holes in the concrete slab we mounted the bench to.







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To me, it's sad that it is rusting so.  Maybe, Mr Knox would want it that way, but I think some treatment for rust, and some type of protective finish would help preserve a great tribute to the man. Nothing is going to last a long time in that country, but something would help. Maybe an annual gathering on the date of his passing that would bring his friends together to at least remember him for that day and for the annual maintenance party.        

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Ironwolf I am in the NE Corner of Oregon, Joseph to be exact.

Dave I spray my iron with acid to make it rust, then in a few years I wax the iron, in this climate your done, it is my (NO MAINTENANCE  FINNISH). If it were on the coast it would need something different.  


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yeah i agree - that  is so lovely for your friend! i love the design its brilliant! the hooks look really good, i love the texture on the back, its a total one off, looks really elegant! the fact that the mans ashes are with it is perfect :) id be extremely pleased if i walked past a bench like that chuck, that someone had bothered with something out of the ordinary.. nice one!

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