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  1. Those are some great twists... Really add to it!
  2. That was an awesome bench, and a GREAT tribute. Well done!
  3. So I recently Took a job here and have been looking to meet new blacksmiths and knifemakers! Does anyone know of any in the area? I searched the groups here, and the website has not been updated since 2001.... :( Also, I just tried a search on the website and keep getting a java error, but I think that has something to do with my machine, I just had a java update fail. Sorry if this is in the wrong area, and thank you very much!!!
  4. Todd, along with everyone else thank YOU for your service! One thing I may pass along, all the punches/chisels and such you will need are fairly easy to make yourself - If you stop by an automotive junkyard, you can get some auto spring steel (coiled spring) free, or VERY cheap - thats been great for me for making my tools I need as I am fairly new myself - Also since I assume you have internet access (If you can get it by where you forge) you can find some GREAT information on Youtube (Especially look up Brian Brazeal's's channel) As much as I read here, sometimes I'm a little hard headed
  5. Very good! I like it a lot has great Symmatry (sp)
  6. Just echo'ing that I would love to see a solo hammer video... I made mine with Ed and Brian at his place with my striking and it still took a lot of beating, I cant imagine doing that solo without a powerhammer. (of course, my striking left a lot to be desired, I think Ed may still be scarred!) :) I agree drifting the hole would suck - I seem stuck with that lately, made my son a nice tomahawk out of a RR spike, tried to drift the hole for the handle last, needless to say was a mistake, scrapped the whole thing.
  7. Awesome Example John! I cant wait to give this a try this weekend at the forge, Thanks for the pictures!!!
  8. Chuck - Love that piece you posted... Very cool design!
  9. I dont really want to come off rude or offensive in any way, but I dont know if you will find exactly what your looking for - I'm going to assume your a "younger" feller. I'm in law enforcement / computer programming - but I didn't just get into this line of work; I worked for years in crappy jobs (Selling cars, and I'm probably the most antisocial person I know). Every chance I got I would take a class or get a book on what I really WANTED to do and dive into it as much as I could while still selling cars(and hating life). After a while I was able to get a job in the "entry" level of some
  10. Thanks All - I have to admit - I was starting with a round "punch" and then after making my hole trying to drive a drift through it. Obviously this never worked - I need to use the chisel to get a better opening for my drift. I also think I was trying to force it when it was cooled off to much. I was watching youtube of Mark Asberry(sp) and he was doing drifting and I thought I would give it a try - Of course it starts with him drifting, not punching the hole - I assumed since he was drifting a round hole he was using a round punch to start with. Kind of silly now that I look back at it,
  11. So today I spent a few hours working on punching and drifting. I seem to have a problem after I get the hole punch, and try to drift something through it (Using a pointed 1" peice of round stock) It seems like the metal starts to get "pulled" down while I'm drifiting. On the videos it shows you get a nice "punch" in the metal - then drive the drift through the pritchel hole. It goes from my stock getting "Stuck" in the hole, or all the metal tears on the way through... Watching videos it doesn't seem very difficult, I am assuming I dont have my metal hot enough, but its "yellow" when I
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