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$85.00 Anvil

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I bought an anvil today, it is a "colonial" period forged anvil. It is marked 1 0 23. I think this means it weighs 123#. I had to drive 20 miles but the anvil was only $85.00. Take a look at the pictures. This is my 7th colonial anvil for the collection. Thanks for looking folks! I also attached a picture of a deer bust I made out of copper.






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English anvils are traditionally stamped in the CWT system  So given W   X   Y Z


The first number W is hundredweights of 112 pounds (or 8 stone)  so W *  112

The secon number is Quarter Hundredweights of 28 pounds and should be 0-3 (some "mistakes" have been documented)  so X * 28

The last number is the residual pounds and should be 0-27   so YZ


for the entire weight of (W*112) + (X*28) + YZ


or in your case 1 0 23   112 + 0 + 23 = 135


Note that early anvils were often off their stamped weight by a couple of pounds

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