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  1. That is a very old anvil easily 1500s- mid 1700s. With the damage it will hold a large premium to collectors.
  2. Oh she knows! I have been talking about getting this particular deal for two years. She does not like anvils in the house but for now it is my only option! Now that I know that I specifically want to collect colonials I can begin to trade some of these things off. Eventually I want a small "museum" like Josh Kavatt for the public to view my collection.
  3. I am sorry for posting the pictures multiple times, am not sure what happened....now I can't figure out how to remove the extras. I didn't mean for the title *pic heavy* to be so literal haha
  4. I finally convinced another anvil hoarder to let go of his collection. I am all about a colonial anvil and I got two including a continental bick! The images show 9 anvils, short railroad iron, a nice working forge, a 16#hammer and two railroad hammers! Two anvils are PW(168&208) one Hay Budden, two Vulcans, two cast STEEL 55#ers, a 160# colonial with FOSTER on front, and a 31# continental bick! As for the 160# FOSTER colonial, does this redefine what we know about William Foster anvils? Thus far we assumed William Foster's father made anvils under the name FOSTER with an anchor marking underneath. This short stubby horned anvil dates to the 1780s, making it possibly the oldest known Foster marked anvil.
  5. Alan, that is very interesting. Most resources point to Henry Elwell as being a gunsmith in Ohio, although some sources lists him as an English riflemaker. I think the latter is also plausable. Henry Elwell of England was a gunmaker from 1837-1858 in Birmingham England, which is very close to Dudley, where Peter Wrights were forged. I am prone to believe that this anvil was purchased by the Elwell gunsmith or gunmaker because Peter Wright did not custom make anvils for any old Joe. It appears that I may have an exclusively stamped "MADE FOR" anvil, unless someone else has seen one elsewhere. A second thought that I have had is that the anvil may have been made for an "H. Elwell" in England, where it would have been more feasable to take custom anvil orders. Perhaps it was sold at a later date and brought over the pond to be used in the USA. I may never know for sure.
  6. Jeremy, I will not be using these loud anvils. The ping is ridiculous. I'll just keep these around the house to preserve. I should make a video so y'all can see just how loud the Mexican one is....unreal.
  7. The second anvil I purchased was a Farrier's anvil with double cliphorn. It is 107lbs and is marked "SHORTHORN LC" and MADE MEXICO. It rings louder than any anvil I have ever struck. I would like to know if anyone has any information on it. Thanks in advance, folks.
  8. Today I purchased two more anvils for the collection: A pre 1852 Peter Wright and a nice farrier anvil that I have yet to identify. The Peter Wright is marked "P WRIGHT WARRANTED" and a unique marking on the back "MADE FOR H.ELWELL". Still researching this, but it appears H. Elwell was a gunsmith and lockmaker (gun lock). The Peter Wright bears the pre 1852 mark. Has anyone else seen a Peter Wright marked like this? I paid $50 each.
  9. I would have sworn the anvil had an inch of sway in the back, but it was an illusion. The man had it in his open air garage and it had lots of surface rust. Thanks guys!
  10. I found this late colonial anvil today for sale for $110 cash. It did not look like it was in good condition but after oiling and cleaning, it does not look half bad. The weight marks are 2-27 which translates to 83 lbs, but it actually only weighs 80.4 lbs. I had to drive 30 miles to get it. Rebound is 80% and rings loudly. The last image is the picture from craigslist, disgusting! Enjoy photos!
  11. This anvil is shaped much like your friend's anvil and is dated 1533.... '>
  12. Thomas powers, that is exactly how I had figured the math. I think I will leave them in as found condition to preserve them. I rarely beat on any but my fisher, I just could not let these get away from me.
  13. Also finished this hammer today. I found it in a field with my metal detector, cleaned the rust off, and put a handle in it.
  14. Today I bought five anvils from a metal dealer. He buys and sells interesting scrap metal...cool guy. I got a sweet colonial Mouse Hole, an Isaac Hill, a John Wilkinsons, a London Pattern Colonial, and an unidentified anvil(name is present, hard to read). All five for $400. Enjoy the pictures.
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