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  1. If I may suggest, check the below websites. The Americanlongrifles site dedicated to gun building. It's loaded with guys willing to help. The Toadhall website is Steve Bookout's. He is a retired builder now but used to have a barrel welding class once a year. He is one of the most experienced barrel welders I know. He authored a couple of small books on building a barrel rifling machine. http://www.americanlongrifles.org/forum/ http://toadhallrifleshop.com/
  2. One of the best suggestions I have read (on this board) was to put flexible conduit over the propane line to protect it from accidently being bumped by a piece of hot steel.
  3. No I don't. Sure hoping it turns out to be wrought. I'll try to cut and bend a piece this evening.
  4. Couldn't pass up a bunch of 1"x1" stock. It's already got a twist but that might come in handy. Ken
  5. Will an anvil work with a completely flat face like that? and no chips on the corners? Very nice! I too am jealous. Ken
  6. Just a personal preference since they both look good in their own way. I like the clean lines and simplicity of the first/top one. Ken
  7. Yes, building a Southern Mt. or E. TN. style rifle is the way to go for a blacksmith project.
  8. I have used 3 parts sand and 1 part Portland cement and it works great for me. The best thing is it is available at the local big box store and it's cheap. Occasionally I need to patch a crack or the area in the fire bowl. It's pretty durable I tried Cat litter years ago and it crumbled very easily and I would have to reline after every forge session. Ken
  9. Ken G

    Stuck Vise Screw

    Here's a picture of the vise temporarily mounted for clean up. It works as is but I'll make a new mount bracket and spring at some point. Ken
  10. Ken G

    Stuck Vise Screw

    I am happy to report that this morning that rust very reluctantly gave up its death grip and the screw backed out. Once I got the threads cleaned up it will screw in and out with one finger. I have to give credit to Kroil Oil as the thing that seemed to tip the scales in my favor. Thanks to this that posted suggestions and encouragement. Ken
  11. Ken G

    Stuck Vise Screw

    Home Depot is supposed to carry Kroil but the local store does not have it. I've heard it is the best for stubborn rusted bolts. If all else fails I may give pressurizing some penetrating oil a try. Thanks for the suggestions. Ken
  12. Ken G

    Stuck Vise Screw

    Here's the multi-piece screw box. Much different than the cast one. Ken
  13. Ken G

    Stuck Vise Screw

    I appreciate your posting and mentioning the possibility. I too have seen good intentions end in serious damage due to lack of knowledge. Thanks, Ken
  14. Ken G

    Stuck Vise Screw

    It looks to be a one piece box to me. I have another vise that is as you said, made up of several pieces brazed together. My guess is this vise is from the early/mid 1900s. Not old, just rusted.
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