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I Forge Iron

I need some Insight (Help)

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Im Toby i am starting offf in Blacksmithing and i am soon to buy a solid fuel forge from theIrondwarf but i need some referance

what books should i buy or read ?? because i have some clue of how to do it what i thought is do some research and then go to the nearest Blacksmithing course any suggestions with reading material ??



Thank you


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dont know where you are toby, and there are millions of books you could buy, but you cant beat hands on, just starting trying a few things - i would suggest going to the blacksmiths guild in devon, john b who represents them on here does lots of courses covering all sorts of things, ive been on a couple and they are really good. thats your best bet if your south, if your north there will be others, but there is only so much you can learn from books! good luck! :)

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Peter Parkinson's book 'The Artist Blacksmith: Design and Techniques' is superb, it will take you from zero to a good understanding of techniques and tools. There is also a DVD that compliments it called 'Artist Blacksmithing'. Parkinson is a very, very good writer / teacher and conveys everything in simple terms. Despite the titles, they are not 'arty', it is just good, solid craft.


The nearest blacksmithing course may not be the best one. As Beth has written the Blacksmiths' Guild runs good courses and, unlike some, there are never any short cuts (because the Guild is not doing it for commercial profit). You can start from knowing nothing and come away with a good basic knowledge and skills as well as items made. There is a link to the Guild's website below:



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Hi Toby, as mentioned the Guild would be glad to help, as for reading, there are two books regarded as the Blacksmiths Bible and are on free download, along with more useful books too.


The first is the Blacksmiths Craft, http://www.hlcollege.ac.uk/Downloads/cp_blacksmith.html


the second Wrought Ironwork, a Manual of instruction for Craftsmen, http://www.hlcollege.ac.uk/Downloads/cp_wrought.html


Have fun and enjoy.


PM me and maybe we can get you sorted one way or another.

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