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    I am interested in the Second World war and old trades that some people don't appreciate anymore , Interested in stories of the Second world war that no one wonders about anymore , I am Starting WW2 reenactments soon .. USED TO BE TheBritishSmith i changed my name!

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  1. Ok to found a solution Yesterday , Thanks Nobody Special and i used charcoal to start the fire and then introduces anthracite coal worked very very well
  2. Hello i am starting in blacksmithing and i am having some trouble producing the heat , I've tried charcoal but the ash blocks my blower pipe and i use so much of it to get a decent heat and i tried anthracite coal yesterday and it didn't even light so i need some help! i have an hand crank blower so nothing fancy.. but i just cannot get the heat , I'm from the Uk and all the coal and solid fuel merchants say use Anthracite coal because it produces heat but i couldn't even get it to light Plz help! , my workshop so far has one wall so i practically open aired .. so i need some help , any ideas
  3. Toby.B


    Hello I am Volunteer at a minature village and they have a lathe but it really needs to TLC i need some help, and maybe some advice First of all, where can you get training for Lathes in the UK and the second is the Lathe at the village is heavily seized up any clue how i could fix it with the guys there without costing me and the village tons of money? and if you could suggest trainings the UK near yorkshire it would be Great thank you Have a Nice day and i will link picture soon maybe not this saturday but next saturday.
  4. Hello Im Toby Hello i am Toby, i am creative person with an interest in history and work with my hands, and i am 16 Years and wanting to start off in Blacksmithing as a practical hobbie/ Job I am in my Final year of school only a few months left before i do my exams and leave, i am huge history fan i am planning, not only to get into this in my spare time but to also do second world war National fire service and auxiliary fire service re-enactment (All one re-enactment group) because i am going to a Agricultural/Specialised college i cannot continue to study history in that form, i am
  5. Im Toby i am starting offf in Blacksmithing and i am soon to buy a solid fuel forge from theIrondwarf but i need some referance what books should i buy or read ?? because i have some clue of how to do it what i thought is do some research and then go to the nearest Blacksmithing course any suggestions with reading material ?? Thank you
  6. Been Looking at your forge can i ask why is the air out-take that builds up the fire at the side of the forge wouldn't it be better in the middle ?
  7. I am Starting BlackingSmithing and My Friend has just been engaged so Any Ideas Something i could make as a beginner that would be good to give at a wedding And Which Tools should i have the IronDwarf i think he is called contacted me and he is helping but Any Clues and Ideas Because i want others Ideas and insight into this could someone please Help Anyone who replies thankyou and have a good day or night
  8. Hello Im Toby I am wanting to get into Blacksmithing any suggestments from your community ?? what should i do first? I might of found a original Farms forge that i can use me and my friend but how should we go around it ?? What tools do i need to start Because the whole reason i want to do this is to create Knifes maybe a sword or Something Useful to give someone Something i can i say i have made ? Ive been doing research any sugggestment for what i should research or learn about ?? If you would get back to me i would much aprecicate it Thankyou Toby-TheBriti
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