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I Forge Iron

The first of my new hammers


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Hello Mr Budd great to see you on here. I think your work posted to Instagram is grand! I hope you share more work and progress photos with us.

I have never learned about this steel grade, I will have to look it up. Sounds nice if it will stay bright longer. I do love filed bright iron

M Martin

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Good Morning,


Bright and Shiney, looks good. is that "Atlantic 33" steel??


Everybody has their own preference for shapes of hammer edges. I've found that with slightly larger radius at the edges and a slight flat section in the center of the pien, you can make the hammer push or pull in whatever direction by changing the angle of the blow. The larger radius don't leave dimples in your work piece.



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Yes in the US it's Atlantic 33, over this side it's A33.

Neil, I tend to use the horn for moving metal fast and the pein for being more directional. I like my hammers to have rounded edges and a bit of a curving face but not to much as I like to get a good finish at a black heat by hand.

M, I will try and post more on here when time allows.

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