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De-Galvanizing metal ?


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any good way to de-galvanize metal?

a guy at work found the PERFECT tank in a junk yard to turn into a gas forge.

problem is, its an old RV water tank and its galvanized

i know the precautions to take when welding on it...

but will pose a problem during operation?

I plan to line it with about 3 inches of koawool.

let me know your thoughts.

thanks! :)

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Gday Greg,

Acid. A friends father ran a galvanizing plant. They used hydrochloric acid (pool acid) to strip gal off things. The solution thats left can apparently be used as a flux for soldering. He didn't say how strong to mix it, sorry.

I have used phosphoric acid (the acid in rust converter & coke) to remove gal, it works but not that fast, I probably should have mixed it stronger.

I imagine you can use any acid, including vinegar, it will just take longer.

An option would be to take it to a galvanizing plant and ask them to put it through the acid bath to strip it.

Be careful. Perhaps put it on an open fire after you have striped it with acid, to remove anything left. Stay well away from the smoke/fumes, they WILL KILL YOU!!!!

Brisbane, Oz.

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3 inches of blanket won't let the shell get hot enough to burn the zinc. Around the openings it will though. I think that I would fire it outside and let it go til it quit smoking, then sand back a bit more where it did burn off and go with that.

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Call me "skeerd" or overly protective but I can't see the cost savings here. There are PLENTY of other things to make a gas forge from. The cost of the acid + time to 'acid clean' + despose of acid correctly...Then the water tank may have an enamel liner that you will have to deal with...
Just my $.02 worth....

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Ifn I was wanting to do this I think I would build a nice bonfire around it and let it clean off the Gal that way. Stay away while it's working. The zinc oxide will not be that toxic in the ashes and I'd rather dispose of them than an acid mix----I wouldn't do that much soldering in the rest of my life!

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Rich; I assume you don't use coal for the same reasons. I know a smith that coal smoke sets off his asthma.

Yes this is a bit problemical in city or surburbia; but out in the country I can shoot at folk that get close enough to breath in the smoke. (As tresspassers I am allowed to fire warning shots!)

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I would think a metal tub (wash tub) would be way too deep. Look at the factory made forges in use and they are only about 2 inches deep but have a table surrounding the fire pot to hold coal.

Go with non-galvanized. See Blueprint BP0133 The 55 Forge for a quick way to build a solid fuel forge at little or no cost. Look at the plumbers for a old hot water tank (use the bottom of the tank with the depression), or the local garage for a automobile steel wheel, or a break drum. All make working forges.

Your not that far from Yesteryearforge. Contact him. He had a hammer in and everyone present built a forge a while back. Or contact primetechsmith and Blacksmith Guild of Virginia.They are having a hammer in at the end of October. You may find a forge there in the tailgating area of the meeting.

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