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Help Finding an Anvil

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Hello...I was wondering if someone might be willing to help me.  I am looking for an anvil for my husband for a Christmas present.  He has been looking online for a 100+ pound anvil with a hardy hole (I think that's what he called it).  I have no idea on what is a good one versus a bad one and if I ask him questions he will figure out what I'm doing.  Can anyone help me with some suggestions and prices?  

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Knowing where you are will be a big help. I saw 2 just this last weekend.  The most important test is a bounce test.  A steel ball dropped on the surface should bounce 60-90 % of the way back to your hand.  Dropping a small hammer head gets the same effect.  Hold the hammer parallel to the face about 12 inches above the face and let it swing freely (just relax your wrist) and hit the face, again, it should bounce back most of the way.  If you hear a thunk and get no rebound, that's bad.  If you hear a buzz or a clank, that's really bad.


The top surface should be not too pitted or chopped up, sharp edges are good, on a used anvil they will be rounded or chipped up.


There are new anvils out there $4-$6 a pound are common.  Used anvils should be less, but people often think they are made of gold.


Just my .02



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Hi,  Not sure if this is the place to add a reply.   I'm also looking for an Anvil for my son, he is a beginner.  

I'm looking at a Trenton Anvil - 100# in what looks like very good condition.   Is this a good anvil?   Is there a big difference in Anvils for a beginner vs. pro?

What is a fair price for this?   I'm in Mass.     

any help is appreciated

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Sandy, Trenton is a great brand.  Condition determines price; the closer to "as new" the higher the price.  Square edges, sharp corners, clean horn....  anything that detracts from perfect makes for a lower price.  Anvils aren't scarce in Mass, so take your time to scout around.  A brand new name-brand anvil will cost more than $5/lb, plus shipping.  An older anvil shouldn't go for more than $3/lb unless it's in mint condition.  Trenton, Fisher, Wilkinson, Vulcan and Wright are some of the better brands.


If you have a 100# Trenton in decent shape, it's probably a good buy.  Everything depends on the quality.

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The hundred pound anvils often go the highest per pound as there are way more folks that can lug a 100# anvil around than a 400#'r!


The main difference between pro and am is often size.  A pro in a settled shop can really profit from a 250#+ anvil


Also some go for a Quiet Anvil like the Fisher---it goes thwap  instead of <<<<TING>>>>> though there are ways to quiet down  other anvils.


OTOH almost all Pro's have a light anvil as well for travelling demos or for jobs where a small anvil is just better.  (I have a 93# anvil that sits next to my 515# anvil...)

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Heres two trenton i found on craigslist (I am from MA as well). Its common when anvil hunting to have to travel a little bit up to new hampshire of down to Connecticut. There are also some smaller, cheaper ones up right now in rougher condition but good enough to get started on. $2 a lb is common price around here for an anvil and i typically dont see them go higher the $3 a lb. Follow the advise on testing out the anvil given prior to my post. These folks know what they are talking about. Good luck!

-Crazy Ivan

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