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How about something just for fun?


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I ran across this picture on FB today and had to laugh for the forge was just like mine and I almost felt the way "Otto the domesticated cephalopod" is going this past weekend doing a demo at a local Ren faire. I met the artist earlier this year at a Steampunk convention in San Diego and really took a liking to him. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


My forge for comparison. From this weekend at the Hanford Renaissance of Kings in CA.


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I think that was an OOPS wrong hammer LOL --- Yea I got 6 claw hammers in the smith hammer rack to :(

carpenter is just another hat I wear  :rolleyes:  like the idea of 8 hands doing stuff just can see how to do that DARN !

man that could improve shop time !! :)

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The octopus must have gotten confused.  What's he doing with a claw hammer? :o

He's a woodworker ... on the side.


Interestingly enough they have recently discovered that octopi have a brain in each tentacle!  I think of them as sort of sub-main brains, like a sub-main electrical box.  Anyhow that solves the problem of directing so many appendages pretty neatly!

No central brain to coordinate? What if 2 arms go for the same prey?

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