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First Weathervane Commission


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So last week I was commissioned to build a weathervane to fit in quite an awkward location, on the gable end of a barn overcoming a 20 inch overhang with little room on the wall so not to obstruct an existing stone plaque. This is how is turned out...


Was looking down the laser cutting route to get the motif cut out but the budget I was given didn't justify the cost. Ended up using a hand jigsaw and a metal cutting blade, plus a bit of filing. Only took an hour and think it turned out just as good.


Will probably have another support above the highest globe attaching to the wooden joists of the gable end to prevent it from twisting.


Enjoyed making a slightly lager project for once and hopefully the customer will be happy with the end result! Let me know what you think.


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Well pleased to say the customer was delighted with the end result! So sorry yves, looks like you will have to get building! It was all based around a 5/8 inch solid bar and stood around 4 foot and a bit tall.

Will hopefully get some photos once it's installed.

And rest assured John, that bolt was just an old coach bolt I had lying around so I could fix it to a bar to be painted. A proper size one has now been fitted!

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