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Show Me Your Antique Drill Press

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Corps make out better than sole proprietors..    S and C corps are up there in terms of rewards.  LLC is great with no annual fees..  

For each business segment there are different rules.    

I took so many business courses way back in the day..  SBA etc, etc..   Back then I was involved with a whole bunch of different ones for over a year.  I was trying to grow the business and every person I met with wanted me to get out of hand work and expand into machinery. 

Different world back then..  Might be better with all the Etsy, and online sales resources.. 

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So here is a photo of the stand the drill is mounted to.. It came with the stand but the welds were in need of help.. So fixed that and then park it on the side of the shop.  

This time I squared it up and added the diagonal bracing to keep things square.  It was leaning heavy towards the front.. 

On the back side i mounted my old Buffalo.. Which I bought when I was 18.






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Dave, a lot of post drills only had a set screw to hold the uniform diameter bit shanks.  I have modified mine by putting a modern chuck on a threaded rod and then securing the rod with the set screw.  Has worked well for 35 years but the post drill is more of a decorator and I don't use it that often.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Got this Champion post drill on wensday, was part of a garden display but it had been restored in the past, the owner was surprised when I said its not going to be used for garden display anymore, also I got a leg vice. The other smaller post drill is un branded, its definitely not Champion or Buffalo.


I really hate it how people buy this stuff for garden displays and then scrap it when they decide they want to plant something elce.



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