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  1. Good to see someone else from this area!
  2. So I have always admired the older style of drill presses but never expected to really purchase one but this little beauty came along at a really good price and I couldn't pass it up! The former owner had it hanging way up at the top of this huge building he had along with lots of other old tools. When he got it several several years ago all he did to it was coat it in paint. All the thick paint it going to be a pain to get off but I'm not complaining, it really preserved it super well and the thing is just in amazing shape. I got it all tore it down tonight and plan of using electrolysis to
  3. Speaking of Game of Thrones...Video is a little much but I would love to see someone attempt to make this.
  4. While I still wasn't able to get an anvil I did have to pick up these beauties. Two American Blacksmith journals from January 1918 and June 1917, and a nice tap and die set (cheap). And Frosty I have no clue what the soderfors process is.
  5. I thought they were rich now I see they are LOADED. Today I found 8 more anvils!! We went over to Franklin NC and found a huge antique shop and I was only able to look at half the shop because they were closing for the day but still 8 anvils and 2 stake anvils. We are going back tomorrow to look through the hole thing and I'm excited to see what else I can find. Also found 3 small post vised right at the state line.
  6. Frosty: I eat a lot, I do enjoy a nice beer.I just finished cleaning a barn last week but there wasn't anything living in it other than a few spiders, the sheep sound interesting and that paint thing had to be magic.... Still want the resume lol? DSW: Lucky I'm living off campus this year and the house I'm in has a basement that I've been told I can set up a shop at and I completely plan on it! Everything Mac: I already have a loan from the parents and its going to pay for school lol.
  7. So I am in Mountain City, Ga. with my folks for a few days on a little mini vacation before I go back to school and was really surprised but how anvil rich this area is. Today was our first full day here and I counted 6 anvils and one anvil/vise. Five of the six were at the flea market just north of town. All seemed to be very reasonably priced in the $2.00-$2.50 a pound rage. I know I saw a Trenton (250-300lbs), Fisher (+- 200lbs), and a odd little Vulcan anvil (90lbs). Went to just a few antique shops as well and saw the other anvil, its was about $3.00 a pound and the little anvil vise.
  8. Well after helping a lady with her estate sale the past few days I was given a small rivet forge and a few other things that didnt sale as payment. :D I would really love to find out as much info as I can on it and maybe find some pictures of what it originally looked like because I would like to restore it to as close to as original as possible. I'm assuming the forge was some type of kit or something of the sort because all of the different components have the letter F then a number cast into it. The blower says "A John Jr. F2 NO Chicago ill" The forge seems to have been modified in some r
  9. Brenton

    Show me your vise

    Very cool, thank you guys!
  10. Brenton

    Show me your vise

    The first three pics are of my first vise I got about a month and a half ago. I was looking for a nice small one that wouldn't be hard to move around seeing how I'm a college student that travels a lot and it works great for that. I know the screw is replaced but other than that it seems to be all original. There is a date stamped on it but its hard to tell if it ways 1803 or 1903 so I'm assuming the later which is really cool because that is the same date of my fisher anvil. What are the odds? Also there is a 35 stamped on it, not sure if that is the weight or something else. I haven't weigh
  11. I have a question. I used this great video to make the burner for the forge i'm building now. I have everything in the gas line except for the needle valve. Would it be safe to start using it with just the regulator and shutoff valve until i was able to get the needle valve? Or should I just wait?
  12. So last thursday I purchased that last anvil and hammers from a blacksmith estate and now I am trying to ID the hammers and figure out the designed purpose. Working from left to right here is what I do know. 1 Cross pein 2 Atha 3" Flatter 3 Atha Scaling 4 Raising hammer? 5 Raising hammer? 6 Raising hammer? 7 Atha 3/4" punch . 1, 2, 3, and 7 I understand its really 4, 5, and 6 that I"m looking for more info on. But if anyone has any more info on the other hammers I am all ears.
  13. The first is a 1903 100lb Fisher and the second is a small Rockwood.
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