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Today's Find !!

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really happy with this find, saw it for sale last night ( the first day ) and the ad had 30+ views already, lucky for me is was right here in my hometown and picked it up this morning.....the seller just had it listed as a 100lb anvil for sale......was pretty sure it was a Peter Wright Farriers anvil but could not see any markings in the add picture......took a chance and bought over the phone $1.25 LB

picked it up today , gave it a a quick scrub and the stamping began to surface........ :D  





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Lots of truth, Copilot.  The body of the anvil provides the smith with a giant chunk of steel that can be abused without really hurting their business.  A plate sitting on the side would do the same thing, but quickly wear away.


Not to say it's common, but it was "normal".

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