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post vise leg position


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i know its ludicrous to to make such an assumption based on just my vice and pics of what i have seen from you all, but wouldnt putting the leg beneath the jaw that pivots potentially interfere with the operation of the vice? the base of the frame at the point where that 'free' jaw attaches is the hinge, seems unstable and potentially detrimental to install the leg at that point, not to mention being a weaker structure.


i would like to see a pic of this, now im curious :)

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You're right that it would be problematic if the leg had been attached to the pivoting jaw.  The leg would be moving around as you opened and closed the jaw, but it would still potentially distribute force to the ground once the vise was tightened down.


If the leg has been reattached to the actual hinge plate and not the pivoting leg, it wouldn't be ideal, but it would be steady enough to function as it was originally intended.


Sadly, while a lot of old tools were modified in the shop for some legitimate purchase, they were later "repaired" by scroungers that don't know what the original looked like, or why it was modified in the first place.  Without a picture of the vise in question, we're shooting blind.

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I have a post vise with the leg offset  with a 90 degree step back and then 90 degree down.  The offset is about three inches.  I think it was done to either give toe room, or to fit under a bench better.  It does not affect the use of the vise.  The post rod is heavy, about 1" dia, so there is no flexing at the offset.

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