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Wine Cellar Doors

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Hello Everyone,


This client wanted something that went with this 300 year old room that he is converting into a wine cellar and storage area to keep people out as he rents it our for several months of the year.


He insisted that as much as possible be traditional jointry and thus all the real rivets...


Chiseled and twisted handles...


Only the lock was modern as he did not want to pay us to make an actual old style lock.


Finish is linseed oil as he wanted it to age and rust with time.


Thanks for looking.


Very Best Regards,








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Those are beautiful, well done Preston. I really like it when a smith reversed the twist on double handles as you did. Rope twisted handles, left lay on the left handle, right lay on the right handle. I treasure work that has something to reward a deeper look.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Guys, It means a lot coming from the likes of you'll.


He likely would have gone for a cover plate on the lock, but was not around when we did the installation and had approved the drawings with the lock like it was shown in the drawing.


We tend not to stray very much at all from an approved drawing as that is our only safety in saying, yes this is what you approved and thus this is what and how we built the piece.


Best Regards,



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