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Follow up to post and bowl

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A couple of weeks ago I started a post about where are the artist blacksmiths who do not use powerhammers.  I received a lot of great replies. We all go through ebbs and flows in our journey as blacksmiths and sometimes we just need to talk things out with others who share our passion for this craft. It is why I love this site and the many great members of this community.


For those not wanting to read through my previous post, the gist of it was that I was looking for examples of artistic work done without a powerhammer. I was looking for examples beyond the basic items many start out making such as s-hooks, steak flippers, bottle openers etc.


Two of the big take aways from the replies, were to create more detail in items made and to scale down projects that orginally may have been made with a powerhammer.


I have been working on a lot of sample elements to explore a new direction for my art. In the process this is one item I have made. It is a bowl made from the rusted out bottom of an old propane tank that I had cut out for another project. I used a swage block to sink the bowl, flatten the base and then texture the edges. I then cold pierced it from the back and inserted an organic piece I forged from angle iron. It makes it appear that the "plant / leaves" are breaking through the bottom of the bowl. 









I appreciate any and all feedback and again thanks to all who posted to my other topic.

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very nice! but are you sure you meant to say 'cold pierced' and not 'put it downrange and shot it'? :D


it does give a very interesting effect, and works very well to make it look like the leaves have broken through the bottom of the bowl!

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