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first poker and spoon

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Pretty nicely done, I especially like the fire poker pointy end, the twist gives it an aire of it's own. The basket twist is nice but I think it'd be more attractive with smaller sections and more twists, not tighter, just more. that would make the over all handle more oval and maybe more ergonomic.


The spoon seems like it lives in a different set of implements, maybe around the forge?


All in all well done. Good on ya.


Frosty The Lucky.

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ya flux spoon, it would also be cool to hang it by the stove for a tasting spoon when im cooking.


So after I shut down the forge and stuff then came back in the house the wife starts putting nails in the wall to hang some aprons. So I told her to give me an hour and went back out to the shop and made her some hooks to hang it on:) 


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I use a carpenters wooden mallet and a lump of oak to straighten things like the twist, used with the metal at forging temperature it does not bruise the twist corners. Bit of smoke of course!


I like your irregular basket! The human hand is amazingly versatile in what it can comfortably grip and often an irregular form gives a firmer hold. When I was devising handle shapes for fire tools I squeezed a bit of plasticene of the same size and shape as the work piece and then forged a simplified version of that.


I have never made a basket but the smith I worked with always used to cut up a piece of the same rod into short sections and used that as the core of the basket bundle. The end pieces added meat to the weld and when he untwisted the cage the other pieces fell out.



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