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  1. My bellows are big also, 4 feet wide and the piston box is like 18" square. Not too far off on some of the measurements I have seen but it works well and not hard to use. I do plan on making one at least half the size to use on a portable setup I would like to build.
  2. Nice looking setup. I'll probably do a side draft in the future, if I can get a ladder tall enough to get on my roof lol.
  3. That sounds cool, you have any pictures?
  4. Box bellows works great, even had my 5 year old helping me pump it. I already have a coal rake that I made forever ago
  5. Got to use my new coal forge today made up a fire poker (twist isn't the best, because I still need to remount my vice) and some hooks.
  6. First thing made in the new forge, New fire poker. The twist isn't as nice as I wanted because my vice isn't remounted yet lol also recorded it, and when I'm done editing together the video ill post a link.
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