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Finnish Blacksmith Makes a Wheel Tire

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they were baking the bricks.also they had to heat up the rim to expand it to get a tight fit.the rim holds all the  pieces together.felloes,spokes hub.1st time I

have seen it done.heard how ,but never got to see it.the smiths I got to see growin up were in their 70's an 80's an wagons were phased out by then

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We always seem to have a discussion every so often about what is a blacksmith, so I was asking if we could get a cencus between these two videos - one where and old craftsman is producing work with next to no tooling or the younger smith using all the tools at his finger tips.

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I'm a tradiitonal woodworker with hand cut dovetails to hold drawers together and even blind dovetails no one will ever see, the whole lot. I am an admirer of the work accompished by the Shakers, no superfluous decorations, all business and all hand work.


However, one must remember that the bench saw (hope it's the correct english expression) was born in a Shaker community. In 1840 or so they designed and built a mortising machine which was improved upon in 1860. In 1828, the Shakers at Lebanon New York invented a tongue and groove machine.


The simplicity and elegance of Shaker furniture and architecture, before they had access to such machines or invented them was not compromised by there existence and their use. They used the tools available and like us blacksmiths, they invented the tools they needed. They kept the same sparse design, the same simplicity, the same high end crafstmanship.


Jesse Sipola in the second video and in his promotional one uses the tools available to him in his day, in his world. So do the blacksmiths of the first video refered to in this thread. The tools available to one and to the other are different. The tools the Shakers used were not short cuts. Even when he is using pneumatic hammers, Sipola does not seem to me to be taking short cuts.


And what realy is the difference between Sipola's use of the pneumatic hammers and the use of a Little Giant by somebody else or the use of a treadle hammer for that matter?  The guys in the first video used the tools they had and knew about. Sipola does the same thing.

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